We are a group of experts from different areas of knowledge, which provide our clients -from the Public and Private sectors- communication solutions to engage adequately with their stakeholders. We design, execute and evaluate communication projects aimed to connect our clients’ goals with the enhancement of the living conditions of urban and rural communities. We use methodologies, pedagogies and proper approaches to address issues in the areas of education, culture, genre, public health, human rights, the environment and economic development.

Our Mission

Provide innovative solutions for our clients to engage adequately with their surrounding communities. Our products are originated from a process of research, strategic analysis and a dynamic conception of our clients’ needs and expectations. ECHO Expertise of Development is a responsible, transparent and creative firm that assures the quality and pertinence of its processes and products.


Our Vision


Our vision is to become an internationally recognized firm by its leadership in the creation of successful relationships between corporations, public institutions and other organizations, with their stakeholder communities, in order to empower people and contribute to sustainable development.  





• Responsibility
• Quality
• Transparency
• Respect and protection of the Human Rights, the environment and the cultural diversity.



The associates of ECHO Expertise for Development have a vast academic path and professional experience in different areas of communication and social development in Colombia and other countries. We have worked in large corporations, as independent consultants and as academic researchers and professors in well-reputed universities, always exploring new and innovative communication tools and approaches to solve problems of marginalized communities. Seven years ago we gathered our experience and personal goals to create a state of the art consulting firm aimed to link the interests of our clients with the needs of their surrounding communities.